Nadeali Shah

Email / CRM Manager
ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant

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ActiveCampaign Consultant
Automation & CRM Management
August 2nd 2021
Certification is a way for business coaches and consultants to receive referrals from us when users ask for help outside the scope of services we provide. Contact me via LinkedIn for a one-to-one discussion and see how I can develop your Email & CRM strategy.
Email Automation
Smarter automation leads to better experiences
March 14th 2021
What can you automate? Try a welcome series with email automation. Track contact engagement with tags, custom fields, analytics, and performance reporting. Pull info from every offline and digital channel (social media, live chat, landing pages, text messaging, and everywhere else) to automate the marketing no one has time for.
Make Data-Driven Decisions with Comprehensive Reporting
July 9th 2021
In a world where the competition moves quickly and customers expect increasing levels of engagement and service, companies that do not have an aligned marketing technology and execution will reach a capability plateau and decline as the customer experience they deliver falls further and further below customer expectation.

Creating a successful CRM strategy using data at the core requires a balanced approach, the need to drive complex multichannel interactions leveraging value adding data (creating the best customer experience) and pragmatically delivering new capabilities to execute with the business.
Nadeali Shah
Microsoft Excel Power Query
Using one of the worlds best data and mathematical engines, I have built complex reporting suites that consider omni-channel platforms. This data is then shaped into actionable insights.
MARCH 28, 2019

The Email & CRM industry is rapidly developing and organisations are being overwhelmed with the pace of changing data. I have built reporting suites that identify opportunities and threats and take appropriate action in a timely manner.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics Consultant
Improve your online business through the capture, analysis and application of website visitor data

My role is to support you in obtaining insight and meaningful information from your web analytics data.

The services I provide break down into 5 main areas:

Audit to ensure validity and reliability your Google Analytics data
Analysis to draw out insight and knowledge.
Configuration to capture the data
Dashboard and Report creation
Ongoing support
MARCH 28, 2019
Upland Adestra
Upland Adestra
Deepen customer relationships with automated and personalized email programs
MARCH 28, 2019
While working at the CO-OP, I was responsible for the multi channel email marketing programme that covered multiple brands. Key take away from this role was the ability to identify opportunities within the cross channel marketing programmes and increase member spend.
Use GTM To build data
JUNE 4th 2021
Using GTM, I can import website click, watch video, submit forms, how long a customer spent on your website and import all that data into ActiveCampaign. Then, you can leverage that data into automations such as abandon cart and make better decisions based on your customers behaviour.